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Hillside, Queens

Devello's journey began with our very first project in Hillside, Queens. This full apartment renovation laid the foundation for our interior renovation company and showcased our commitment to quality workmanship. Our expert team seamlessly renovated a spacious apartment with three bedrooms, two kitchens, and two bathrooms, while also handling a few isolated kitchen and bathroom updates on the property. With minimal complications and a smooth execution, this project marked the beginning of Devello's reputation for excellence in home improvement. The project took 4 months to complete due to material shipping delays, but the end result was a beautifully transformed living space that met our client's expectations.

Projects Timeline:

  1. Initial Consultation and Project Assessment (Week 1)

  2. Design, Planning, and Permit Acquisition (Weeks 2-4)

  3. Material Selection and Ordering (Weeks 5-8)

  4. Full Apartment Renovation (Weeks 9-16)

  • Demolition and preparation (Weeks 9-10)

  • Bedroom renovations (Weeks 11-12)

  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations (Weeks 13-14)

  • Isolated kitchen and bathroom updates on the property (Week 15)

  • Finishing touches and cleanup (Week 16)

  1. Project Completion and Client Walkthrough (Week 17)

Please note that this timeline is based on the specific details and challenges encountered during the Hillside, Queens apartment renovation project. Timelines for future projects may differ depending on individual project requirements and circumstances.

Project Statiscs

4 Months

~ $67,599

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