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Flatbush, Brooklyn

Devello recently completed an extensive renovation project in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The scope of the project included a new staircase build, a staircase renovation, a full floor remodeling with one kitchen and bathroom, and a new basement build with a bathroom and laundry room. Our team also managed the exterior work, which involved porch repairs, garage door painting, and side entrance updates, as part of the change orders. Throughout the project, we accommodated approximately eight change orders, showcasing our flexibility and adaptability to meet our client's evolving needs. Though the original timeline was estimated at 6 months, the project was ultimately completed in 8 months, resulting in a beautifully transformed living space that catered to the homeowner's vision.

Project Timeline:

  1. Initial Consultation and Project Assessment (Week 1)

  2. Design, Planning, and Permit Acquisition (Weeks 2-4)

  3. Material Selection and Ordering (Weeks 5-8)

  4. Staircase Build and Renovation (Weeks 9-12)

  5. Full Floor Remodeling with Kitchen and Bathroom (Weeks 13-20)

  6. Basement Build with Bathroom and Laundry Room (Weeks 21-28)

  7. Change Orders and Additional Work Items (Weeks 29-32)

  • Porch Repairs (Weeks 29-30)

  • Garage Door Painting (Week 31)

  • Side Entrance Updates (Week 32)

  1. Final Touches and Cleanup (Week 33)

  2. Project Completion and Client Walkthrough (Week 34)

Please note that this timeline is based on the specific details and challenges encountered during the Flatbush, Brooklyn renovation project. Timelines for future projects may differ depending on individual project requirements and circumstances.

Project Statiscs

8 Months

~ $179,999

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