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Columbus Circle, Manhattan

At Devello, we believe in full transparency and setting realistic expectations for our clients. Our recent condo renovation project in Midtown Manhattan was an honest testament to the challenges that can arise when working with custom materials and navigating the complexities of urban construction.

While our initial estimate for project completion was 4-5 months, unforeseen issues led to an extended timeline of 9 months. The use of custom materials, combined with the challenges posed by traffic and parking conditions in the Manhattan area, contributed to the delays.

Throughout the process, we maintained open and honest communication with our clients and diligently worked together to find solutions to each issue that arose. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality work ensured that, despite the challenges, the project was ultimately completed to our clients' satisfaction.

At Devello, we understand that home improvement projects can sometimes face unexpected obstacles. However, our dedication to problem-solving and close collaboration with our clients ensures that even in the face of difficulties, we strive to deliver exceptional results tailored to their needs.

Projects Timeline:

  1. Initial Consultation and Project Assessment (Week 1)

  2. Design, Planning, and Permit Acquisition (Weeks 2-4)

  3. Material Selection and Ordering (Weeks 5-8)

  4. Phase I: Demolition (Weeks 9-11)

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  1. Phase II: Construction (Weeks 12-27)

  • Living Room: Hardwood floors, walls, new A/C unit and box

  • Bedroom: Hardwood floors, walls, new A/C unit and box, new trim, new 8ft door

  • Bathroom: Toilet, stand-in shower with fixtures, 8ft door, vanity

  • Kitchen: Floor, kitchen island with custom countertop and cabinets (appliances not included)

  1. Phase III: Finishing (Weeks 28-36)

  • Installation of light fixtures, switches, and outlets

  • Sheetrock installation and painting

  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures installation

  • Final touches and Inspection

  1. Project Completion and Client Walkthrough (Week 37)

Please note that this timeline is based on the specific challenges and delays encountered during the Midtown Manhattan condo renovation project. Timelines for future projects may differ depending on individual project requirements and circumstances.

Project Statiscs

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