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Find out how Devello manages your bathroom renovation requests

One of our representatives will schedule a time for a quick walk-around and get all details required to build your proposal

You will receive a proposal from Devello via email. 

After reviewing our proposal and making [if] any  changes necessary, we are ready to sign and set up a start date!

Preperations begin

We require a deposit of 50% at signing to ensure smooth project progress.

  1. We will start sourcing/buying required materials.

  2. Skilled laborers are scheduled for your project date.

  3. Pre-work inspection: To ensure a quality project we will inspect the space close to start date in case any extra support/raw materials are needed to complete the project 

~ 2 week construction phases

  1. Demolition.

  2. Shower hardware/plumbing relocation (if requested)

  3. Framing/Surface preparation 

  4. Tiling/fixture installation

  5. Grouting/finishing

Upon completion, one of our representatives will do a final inspection for quality check and address any concerns/questions you might have.

Final Payment will be due at final inspection and we hope you enjoy your new bathroom! 

Recent builds

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